Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ain't no Mountain High Enough

Girl Goddess #9, Franesca Lia Block
The Blck Sheep, Honore de Balzac
The Wasteland, Francesca Lia Block
10 textile books sold and three new lit.s bought. Not bad. I'm taking in quite a few Young Adult books tomorrow.
Asking advice of people is really interesting. One person advises directness and action. Call now!The other person (after you have acted upon the first persons advice because it made so much sense) says the direct approach in the given situation can do more harm than good. Furthermore, an offer is not an offer until it's on paper. Oh? Really? Does this mean I can say to one potential employer "Well even though you told me a starting salary I need to see all the stuff in writing before making up my mind?" A verbal is not enough?***CV

So where is that cave in the mountains I can retreat to?****CV

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

After Dark

There's a new Haruki Murakami out and I got me one! After Dark, Haruki Murakami, publ. May 2007.

At least this will keep me occupied and perhaps not biting my nails as I wait for a (hopefully) positive response. So I thought the admin. there wanted to call my admin. here after my interview before saying anything but they have apparently talked twice already.
This weekend was very productive in the:

Oh My G*** CV what a big wardrobe you have!
All the better to out goth you my dear.

But seriously, there are only so many black silk shirts, velvet coats, lace skirts and blouses one can own before Johnny Depp comes a knocking. Hence the major goodwill shift. I also realized that while one may have a brown bag hoarde to outlast the coming apocalypse, still, there be an end to the brown bags eventually.***CV

Monday, May 28, 2007

bokes solde y boughte

More selling of books today. Before I went to Powell's though I went to practice where a fellow bookaholic had a look through the bag. She ended up with a copy of Bird by Bird by Annie Lamott. The buyer at Powell's actually bought all I brought in today, inluding a twice rejected novel. I guess not everyone is a Malraux fan.
For a whole week I have been good and not bought a single book. Today I fell off the wagon and got Botany for Gardeners by Brian Capon. Aaaah practical and erudite. Just what I need.
In spite of my "Don't jinx something you want by thinking too much about it" philosophy, I cannot help but wonder what would be good plants for a drought stricken desert garden?***CV

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I am back. I liked what I saw. I will hopefully not jinx things any further ;)
Having finished The Doomsday Book (*sniff* that poor, poor cow) I am deciding whether to curl up with Ganesh Gaitonde or Lucien, hmmmm.***CV

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Gautma

All this week I've been taking in small bags of books to Powell's to sell. So far it has been a good experience. Online the site says to be aware that each buyer, while looking for similar quality and condition books, is also a unique person and so not all buyers will accept the same books. Fair enough. So on the first go round when 20 were bought and six rejected I went home and the next day brought those same six back plus about 14 more and all but two were bought. I did the same again the next day and all except one, which I had brought for the first time, were sold.

I guess the site knows of what it speaks.

Today I brought in books from the unread/semiread piles; One of which was The Doomsday Book. Now before you shriek Nooooo! hear me out. On the bus I wanted something to read other than the Thich Nach Hahn and the Montessori so I thought I'd browse the Willis volume before saying good-bye to it. Next thing I knew I was on Chapter Two and at work. So, no, it was not sold today: but it was very close. ***CV

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

two out of three so far

Interview 2. As I had thought, it was one of those, "Well let's see what the person is like even though we do not have any openings right now." That's not quite true. I was told that while all the guides had already signed contracts the school didn't suppose I was interested in any of the assistant positions.

Funny. If I wasn't where I am now in my career and in a self supporting role I wouldn't have minded. I see nothing bad or negative about being an assistant.

I will be flying out for one more interview this weekend. Unless something dramatically unexpected occurs I will be moving out of state this summer.
I've started reading Sacred Games again. Probably not the best book choice to bring on an airplane, huh?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Signorina meet Monsiuer

I've started re-reading Montessori's books. It's amazing , though not neccessarily surprising, how much more I can relate to what she says now then when I first started teaching almost ten years ago. At this point I can see where she is actually givng directions in to what to present to what children and and the reasons why. It really is very inspiring.
One interview has been done, one is coming midweek and I am arranging flight schedules for a third this weekend. Interesting how different schools are in their approaches. One school will take care of everything while another one insists that there is a joint responsibility. Hmmm and yet the latter charges a high end tuition and the former relies on state monies. What to think? or should I?

One school give much responsibility as in not only supervision of lessons but of four other adults as well and one says children and an assistant are enough.
Last night I went to a demonstration of acro-yoga which was accompanied by live music. I have experienced acro-yoga personally before, being supported in a backbend, off the ground, by a partner who is lifting me with just their feet. Partners have to have complete trust in each other and this adds I think to the beauty of it all.
(As an aside my reading is now fluctuating between Montessori and Balzac. perhaps there is some meaning in that)***CV

Friday, May 18, 2007


I started Sugar and Other Stories a few days ago. I had forgotten how detailed, almost minaturist like, AS Byatt can be. Currently I am reading the fourth story, called Dried Witch.
I'm back home. I recieved a call from another school this afternoon and may be flying out next week, I'm not sure yet. Much to think about and not all that much time to do so in.***CV

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One more for the road

Primavera, Francesca Lia Block (196pp) This is a definitely dark version of the rites of Spring or the rise of Proserpina. While not graphic in the sense of being explicit, it would take a very innocent/ or oblivious person to not understand what happens to our heroine and other characters. Ms. Block is very much about the equality and rights of people to exist in a world of care and beauty, regardless of preference: doesn't the love of one being for another preclude the physical aspect of either party? I was struck most by the very feminist aspect of this tale. It is told , as Ecstasia was, with poems interspersed among the narratve chapters.
I will not be seeing Pink Martini tomorrow night as I am flying out to an interview instead. I have a phone interview hopefully tomorrow morning (it would have been today except my co guide's child was sick) and an in person next Wednesday.

I am so leery of getting my hopes up.

One day at a time***CV

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Two today

Ectasia, Francesca Lia Block (196pp) A melding of the Peresephone mythos including Orpheus, the Furies who are the hangers on of the Doctor (death I presume), Dionysus,Calliope; gathered and set in a land called Elysia -and yes it did take me half the book to get that particular symbol, where the inhabitants feast upon candy, cake, pastries and champagne; circuses and carnivals run all day and night and when you are no longer young you head Underground. Interspersed with the narrative are poems and songs. The sequal is called Primavera.
The Veils are not so much a Nick Cave like band (I do wonder what age the reviewer was who made that comparison) so much as they resemble the Cult meets that Mission UK with a bit of a Bauhaus bow. Too polished for pure cult, '80s enough for UK and one nice eerie intro to qualify for a Peter comparison. But NOT Nick.***CV

Saturday, May 12, 2007

And the list goes on....


Angel Sanctuary vol.19, Kaori Yuki
Castle of Crossed Destinies, Italo Calvino
Museum of Horror vol.1, Junji Ito


A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Barbara Walker


The Runaway Found, the Veils
Grinderman, Nick Cave,Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos
And I just found out that Pink Martini is doing an in shop promotion next week!***CV

Friday, May 11, 2007

Listing listing listing


Violet and Claire, Francesca Lia Block
I Was a Teenage Fairy, Francesca Lia Block


Sugar and Other Stories, A.S. Byatt
Babel Tower, A.S. Byatt
Angel Sanctuary 19, Kaori Yuki
Ecstasia, Francesca Lia Block
Primavera, Francesca Lia Block
I apologise for not actually reviewing but I find that I am not really capable of it at the moment. Hopefully these lists will enable me to do so at a later date.****CV

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Everyone's memory of prom is different. For some it is one of the most wonderful experiences they have had, for others there is the heartfelt desire to erase this particular memory from off the face of the earth. Others may think of it as "Meh, I went but it wasn't all that big of a deal". And so on.

Me? I loved the Winterball but the Prom was "Meh." Perhaps it was a case of live-band versus dueling DJs. Perhaps it was a dress of my choice versus what mom could willingly afford. Whatever, at least I'll always have the Winterball.
Prom II with the vegetarian vampire lovers: Let us just say that older is not only wiser but a heck of a lot more tolerant regarding fashion statements and self acceptance. Experience also means no outrageous expectations of what the night will bring, which was good. A reading, a signing, a souvenier shirt and a photo opportunity with models representing the main male love interests; really what more could a fan of fiction want? (Imagine a hunk from a Hamilton novel being at the ready to pose with you for a photo op? Got it? So did I :)

Phoenix was cool, weather wise, and so walking up and down the streets was a pleasure rather than a struggle through waves of oppressive heat (as I remember it from my last trip there). I even stopped into a local purveyor of printed matter and picked up a CD copy of Stardust read by Mr. Gaiman himself before the Prom. Yes, I too am amazed that I didn't spend the rest of my time in the hotel with Neil.

Let's say I was saving myself, 'K?

After prom I took myself out to Mill Ave., braving what I had been told would be fierce crowds of Cinco de Mayo drinkers. Oh? Really? Perhaps the topless girl next to the two legged costumed donkey standing out side of S******s had frightened them away; or perhaps they were all at the local baseball game. Wherever they were it wasn't on Mill.
A very strange aspect of an otherwise lovely hotel experience was the orange light attached to my room's ceiling. It looked as if it had been plucked from a police car roof and inserted, next to the sprinklers, right above the hotel bed. What was that about?

And why is it that everytime I stay at a hotel the only movies playing are Blade and the Matrix?***CV

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So apparently my daemon is now a Bengal Tiger. Huh.
Latest reads (sans reviews):

Last Call, Tim Powers
Ruby, Franesca Lia Block and Carmen Staton
Godchild 5, Kaori Yuki
The Hanged Man, Franesca lia Block
The Light-Bearer's Daughter, OR Melling
The Castle of Crossed Destinies, Italo Calvinio

Violet and Claire, Francesca lia Block
I was a Teenage Fairy, Francesca lia Block
The Museum of Terror, Junji Ito

Monday, May 07, 2007

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Moving on out

Now to the packing. I have three new books:

Last Call, Tim Powers
The Castle of Crossed Destinies, Italo Calvino
The Hanged Man, Francesca Lia Block

Ziplock bags for my fluids (that does sound a bit nasty doesn't it?) Do you think one can get water bottles filled on planes and that is why empty ones are okay to take on but not pre-filled ones? A list of stuff clothing wise to be packed, loose tea (I loooove in room coffeemakers :) Nick will be with me as will the Elfman and Mr. Das

Oh, and Dangerous Angels to reread.

Hey It's a weekend, by plane. I don't want to risk not having something to read.

I finished The Light-Bearer's Daughter today and will post a review when I return. I should start packing the stuff for real now***CV

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

As Foretold

Ironside, Holly Black (323pp) This story can be read seperately from Tithe and Valiant though it continues the story of Kaye and Roiben. Becoming King of the Unseelie or Night Court can be something of a challenge in spite of one's Melnibonean resemblance and Roiben is not having fun. Kaye on the other hand is suffering from a severe lack of self confidence while Corny still seeks love in all the wrong places. Enter the Queen of the Seelie Court who would be more than happy to help them, or would she? Ms. Black succeeds in another volume of truly dark and gritfilled urban fey. I love the coffee shop that Kaye and Corny end up in. I wonder if anyone will copywrite it? (And yes, the ogre and his girl make a brief appearance along with other characters from Valiant).
Wonder Tales: Six French Stories of Enchantment, ed. Marina Warner (239pp). Moving right along from the above modern to more traditional, the stories in this wonderful collection are: The White Cat, The Subtle Princss, Bearskin, The Counterfeit Marquise, Starlight and the Great Green Worm; each of which are retold but not too retold versions. What struck me most is that the heros are all women in these tales. Not overtly so, simply undeniably so. Very refreshing if one has grown up on the disneyified tales.
Echo, Franesca Lia Block (215pp) Ms. Block has a way of modernising myths and fairy tales that still manages to retain the poetry and simplicity of the original folk telling. While stories created in the Salons of Fance can be wonderfully ornate, there are times when simplicity is more powerful. In this set of tales, which weaves in and around one character while embracing those who are essential to her, we meet an Echo who is part Psyche in search of somone to adore and be adored by; and yet those she meets become Narcissus whom she can only reflect towards. (This is Ms. Block please do not expect a coherant review.)
Necklace of Kisses, Francesca Lia Block (227pp) Weetzie has just turned 40 and her Secret Agent Lover Man has changed. Weetzie has to decide whether she will stay or go and so is off to the Pink Hotel with her Emilia where Mermaids are trapped in penthouses, Bus boys are a bit Satyric, Elf children are stalked by their fathers and playing spin the bottle can be more surprising then one thinks. ***CV

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a wink and a promise

So, we are back and I am feeling a wee bit tuckered. However, here is another book to add to my next review update:

Necklace of Kisses (aka the return of Weetzie Bat), Francesca Lia Block.
Tonight I hope to start The Light-Bearer's Daughter and I recently heard that Cold Comfort Farm is delightful.
Thank you Chris for the Veils ;) ****CV