Sunday, September 28, 2008

Woden you know

Recently read;
Chalice, Robin McKinley (2??pp)I don't have it with me so I'm guesstimating the page count. If you like bees, honey, elemental magic as well as manor house stories this one will suit you. There are beauty and that beast elements but I've been hard put to find a McKinley that doesn't have that in it somewhere (which is quite all right by me). It is a sweet story and nothing like Sunshine except in the independent I'm going to do what I need to do heroine category. Pretty signature McKinley :)

Runemarks, Mary Harris (527 pp) This is a tale involving the Norse Pantheon and a young girl who has a ruinmark thus causing her village to fear her. A goblin named Sugar, a new Order which bears uncanny resemblance o the Inquisition and a none too subtle thread of God versus the Gods. Much emphasizing of the Word being made flesh (nudge nudge wink wink). I suppose if the Dark Materials series as intentionally anti organized religion this book is the more blatant version of it. I  prefer teh Pullman. Very modern speaking gods by the by. Okay to read. I read it hoping for more layers but there you go. Wait for the paperback is my suggestion.

Currently reading:
The Master of Ballantree, R. L. Stevenson****CV

Sunday, September 21, 2008

From the depths I return

I finally found a way to get Edmund and its been keeping me sane during these interesting weeks of prepping a brand new classroom by oneself not knowing who, if anyone, will be working with me and then having the person who would decide to work somewhere else so they hire a person who can start working but only on the very first day of school (and who speaks no english while I speak no spanish) so okay at least they found an assistant who knows how to be with the children but turns out she got accepted to graduate school and could only be with us for two weeks but hey they found someone else who (for what ever reason) decided this past week that the best way to heat up english muffins for the children was in a glass tray on a stovetop burner.

So yeah: Edmund Black Adder has been a spot of all right. Well that and seeing Nick Cave last night :) What a fabulous show.

Recently read:
Crossing to Paradise, Kevin Crossely-Holland
Chalice, Robin McKinley***CV